Winter Hacks (or how to survive the deep freeze)

    Before you freeze in this below zero weather, try taking some precautions. Here are five essential things that have helped me stay warm and healthy even in the coldest of days.

    1. UNIQLO

    If you know me well, you probably know about my fascination for the Japanese clothing brand UNIQLO. It might be easy for said brand to win over a Brazilian girl who is constantly freezing no matter the weather, but UNIQLO has quickly taken over the world. Though the store sells every sort of clothing from dresses to scarves, its highlight is the line of “innerwear” which features its “Heattech collection.” The term “innerwear” refers to a layer of clothing that is worn under clothes to provide warmth, and “Heattech” refers to UNIQLO’s innovative technology that converts moisture into warmth in extreme temperatures. UNIQLO's unisex and affordable Heattech products are divided into three heat intensities: original, extra warm and ultra warm. A layer of any of those thermals under your clothes means guaranteed comfort and warmth throughout the day.

    2. Heated Blanket

    Though all blankets are made to keep you warm, cold days may require something extra. Heated blankets are the perfect way to warm up and stay cozy after returning to your dorm from the cold. In addition, most heated blankets (such as this one) have an automatic switch-off button after 240 minutes. That'll protect you once you fall asleep thanks to the tosty covering, and the overheating protection system protects you and the blanket from burning or overheating.

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    3. Hand and Foot Warmers

    Gloves and comfy socks can only go so far, and that’s where hand and foot warmers come in. Activated by shaking, these warmers start blasting out heat after only 15 to 30 minutes. Unfortunately, they’re not reusable. I’d recommend buying a large pack (like the ones in the links above) that includes many warmers so you'll never be caught without one.

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    4. Dryer Sheets

    Have you recently put on your sweater in the morning and heard it cracking with static? If the answer is yes, then there’s a quick and easy way to solve this problem. Grab one of the dryer sheets you use for your laundry. Rub it against your clothes/hair/sweaters, and the static will be gone!

    5. Fans/humidifier

    During these ridiculously cold days, students who live on campus are notified that we are not to open our windows. According to residential services, “pipes and fan coil units could freeze in as little as five minutes if exposed to outdoor air.” That being said, buying a fan or even a humidifier for your room is a great purchase as they allow air to circulate and be refreshed. Personally, a humidifier was also very useful because it prevented a runny nose and nosebleeds from happening by keeping the air inside my room fresh and humid.


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