The Loop #1, featuring football player Earnest Brown
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    On the first episode of The Loop, Charlie Sidles and Rob Konoff talk to freshman football player Earnest Brown.

    [Northwestern Fight Song]

    Charlie Sidles: Hello everyone. My name is Charlie Sidles along with Rob Konoff.

    Rob Konoff: Pronounced Rob Konoff. Thank you very much.

    Charlie: And this is the inaugural show of our new podcast The Loop.

    Rob: The Loop!

    Charlie: The Loop, pending name obviously.

    Rob: Obviously pending name, but it is also a pun on the fact that we keep you in the loop and The Loop is a Chicago reference for any of our non-Chicago viewers out there.

    Charlie: Thank you for that explanation to our listeners.

    Rob: Anytime, anytime.

    Charlie: So basically what this is is it's two students sitting down talking about Cats Sports. And giving you an opportunity to get to know some of the players let's get right into it. This is our very first interview with Earnest Brown. He lives in our hall. Freshman football player. Rally highly recruited out of Texas, but awesome guy. Hope you enjoy.

    Rob: Yep.

    [Wildcat Roar]

    Charlie: Earnest Brown. How are you doing today?

    Earnest Brown: I'm doing really good. How are you?

    Charlie: You know, I'm pretty fantastic, you know, not a bad day when it's the first podcast type of day.

    Rob: That's right. It was a beautiful beautiful day out a little rainy now, but you know, we'll make it rain.

    Charlie: Make it rain in here. So just get right into it, new football season, spring practice, new facilities. How do you like the new facilities?

    Earnest: New facility is amazing, got air conditioning. Finally have the full turf. So the whole field like glass the thing we're in right now for training so it's like half disgusting. But, the new facility is perfect. It has everything.

    Charlie: What do you think makes Fitz special about a coach as a coach? Like why did you come here and play for him?

    Earnest: Well, because I think he reminds me of myself. He's very outgoing. He likes to talk to people, you know smile on his face whenever he sees anybody.

    Charlie: Source confirmed. We live in the same hall. Ernest always does have a smile on his face.

    Rob: That is true.

    Charlie: Even when he's losing ping-pong. How’s he as a ping pong?

    Rob: I would say often he is losing in ping-pong. That is a true fact, but even when he's think he's still got smiling face ready to make a comeback unsuccessfully.

    Earnest: So you exposed me.

    Rob: We do a little bit of this on our show, me and Sidles, just a bit. On the subject of the team – ho would you say is the funniest guy on the team? Because you you make me laugh a lot, but is there is there any guy in the team that makes you crack up that , you are always smiling at?

    Earnest: Oh snap. We got to go with Ben Oxley, that man he does these impressions where just... I laugh every single time. There's not a point where I don't laugh.

    Charlie: Oh my God. Note that if we ever have Ben Oxley, we’ll have to ask for impressions.

    Rob: Yeah future guest Ben Oxley. We know you're listening. Just know that Sidles would like you on the show purely for some impressions.

    Charlie:We love it. moving on also on the team probably more important than being funny. Who's the best Fortnite player on the team. Yourself included.

    Earnest:I can't do that, ‘cause that’s just end of the line. Okay. Okay. Well, I'm gonna have to go with probably Greg. Greg Newsome.

    Charlie: Gruesome Newsome!

    Earnest: Gruesome Newsome. I heard he's a pretty good player, but I had not seen him play yet.

    Rob: So currently will have to confirm that source.</>

    Earnest: We have to play squad together


    Rob: Sidles and I Neither of us have gotten a win in solo.

    Earnest: Really?

    Charlie:I've got some Squad wins.

    Rob: We're in the process.

    Earnest: I've already had three, so.

    Rob: Wow, actually, I almost won squads with um, your roommate Trent, or what's his name? Trent?

    Earnest: Trevor.

    Rob: Trevor. Like an hour ago. We almost won squads. I was one-on-one for the final kill, couldn’t get it. As our listeners know. Almost is very important in Fortnite, it is the same exact satisfaction as a win.

    Rob: You know, we talked a lot about players your team now. Let's go straight straight to the big question. Who's your least favorite Big Ten team? Who do you go out there? And you just want to kill him, you know what you don't even care anymore. You just want to hit them as hard as you can.

    Earnest: Well, it probably has to be Iowa, coach is always aiming to like, you know, get at their throats.

    Rob: Uh, I like that smashmouth football. What are you saying? Do we play Iowa next year Sidles?

    Earnest: At Iowa.

    Charlie: that sounds like a road trip. Mobile podcast maybe?

    Rob: Maybe a little roadtrip. Can we can we get a early early score prediction for that game.

    Earnest:I think we're gonna win. It would be a very good game to watch.

    Charlie Okay, very entertaining last year OT game. We will be watching it. Moving on to just teams you hate. So if you could sack any quarterback. NFL or college who would that guy be?

    Earnest: I think it has to be Baker Mayfield.

    Rob: This is actually a topic of debate between Sidles and I. I myself am a Baker hater.

    Earnest: Baker hater.

    Rob: He loves Baker.

    Charlie: I like Baker because I like the underdog story. I love a walk-on, double walk-on. Coming in, lighting the world on fire. Going to Cleveland talk about more of an underdog city. You can’t.

    Earnest: I gotta say I do respect his game.

    Charlie: Okay. So you want to sack him, but you respect the game.

    Rob: But like when he sticks his flag…

    Earnest: That’s just towing line right there.

    Charlie: Yeah so, you respect the game but not outside the field.

    Earnest: Yeah.

    Charlie: Fair.

    Rob: would you say that there's any player that's playing in the league right now that you see yourself as a similar guy to like coming in and coming out of college that maybe you could be like one day?

    Earnest:Well, somebody I do look up to is Julius Peppers. He’s playing for a minute. But he has that strength, and the height, and he has speed – that's super speed to get around guys. I wanted to, mirror his game.

    Rob: Love that. Pepper is also another guy who is a real competitor. He's somebody that's really really gonna bring his teammates up and really really wants to get those wins every single time for sure.

    Charlie: Alright, final question here. This is the most important.

    Earnest: Okay. I'm ready.

    Charlie: Do you see yourself? Just. Color red or green?

    Rob: Oh one word answer that no thought needs to go into.

    Charlie: Just no thought. What's your instinct? Are you a red or a green?

    Earnest: Green.

    Charlie: Green! and that's the right answer. Thank you very much, phenomenal first guest.

    Rob:The fact that you said green, it's gonna come out in our next pool and ping-pong matches, its gonna bring the fire now. As we all know fire is red and red always wins.

    Earnest: Well the thing about it is, when you're mad you get very very terrible.

    Rob: Oh, that's true. You are very terrible.

    Charlie: Ooh, a little trash talk here. Well Ernest, it was great a great pleasure to have you on the show

    Earnest:Thank you, Charlie.

    Charlie: Go cats.

    Earnest: Go cats.

    Charlie: Well, we’ll be all catch up with you. Uh, maybe later after the season, celebrate that National Title.

    Rob:Thank you guys so much for listening today. It was a pleasure having Ernest here and I really hope you guys enjoyed having him as much as we did talking to him. With that I’m Rob, don’t call me Koh-nof, Konoff. Thank you.

    Charlie: And I’m Charlie Sidles. On behalf of both Rob Konoff and myself, have a good day and green always wins.

    Rob: And red always wins.

    Charlie: Green always wins.

    [Northwestern Fight Song]

    The into, the outro as well as any other sound effects are the property of Northwestern University. Thank you for listening today, and green always wins.


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