The 5 best study spots in the new Kellogg building

    The new Kellogg building opened at the beginning of Spring Quarter, but many students still haven’t made the trek up north to check out what could be Northwestern’s nicest new building. When you do, make sure to visit these five study spots!

    1. Staircase Seating (Ground Floor, Floor 1, Floor 2)

    Yoonjie Park / North by Northwestern

    The giant steps that span from the ground floor to the second floor are not only the first thing you see when you step into Kellogg, but they are a great place to study. Covered with leather cushioning in an ~aesthetic~ pattern, the steps provide a great view of the Lakefill, and are also much more comfortable than they look. You’ll also be forced to be productive, and not binge-watch Netflix as if you’re on your own couch, because everyone behind you can see what you’re doing, too.

    2. Outdoor Seating (Floor 1)

    Yoonjie Park / North by Northwestern

    The patio-like space outside the building is another great place to study, and get some fresh air while doing so. As long as the weather permits, you can get some work done with views of the Lakefill and South Campus, as well as a glimpse of the Chicago skyline if you’re lucky. How comfortable the metal chairs will be after hours of studying, though, is yet to be determined.

    3. Windowside Seating (Floor 1, Floor 2)

    Yoonjie Park / North by Northwestern

    This seating arrangement allows you to witness the view that the outdoor seating area provides, but from the comfort of a wind-safe environment. And frankly, the plush, purple cushioning is definitely an upgrade from cold metal. Although there aren’t any desks or hard surfaces to do writing on, this spot is definitely a great place to catch up on some of those readings or spend some time pondering why undergrad buildings at NU don’t look like this.

    4. Seminar Rooms (Floor 3)

    Yoonjie Park / North by Northwestern

    The seminar rooms are as if the small, cramped study rooms in the Main Library Core got a makeover. Each spacious room has a large table, a wide screen you can connect your computer to (for studying or for Internet browsing purposes), and two large whiteboards. Although they don’t have the views that the rest of the study areas on this list have to offer, sometimes seeing the world outside is too distracting, right?

    5. Market Seating (Floor 1)

    Yoonjie Park / North by Northwestern

    The dining-hall-esque area on the first floor of the building isn’t called a dining hall, or even a café. It’s called “The Market,” and honestly, it’s beautiful. With open kitchen stations serving freshly fired personal pizzas, a variety of delectable-sounding sandwiches and a selection of drinks never before seen at any other location on campus, any hungry student will be drawn here. The eating area is also gorgeous, with almost-floor-to-ceiling windows that provide a panoramic view of Lakeside Field and Lake Michigan, the Lakefill, and even the rest of campus. It has food, amazing views and numerous seating options — what more can a student need?


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