Talento mexicano: Mariachi Northwestern performs with Ballet Folklórico Mexicano de Northwestern, Mariachi NU alumni
  • Two members of Ballet Folklórico Mexicano de Northwestern: Ritmo de mis Ancestors, Lesley Meza and Cristina Hernandez, perform during the Mariachi NU spring variety show.
  • Mariachi NU alum Alejandro Serrano sings during the Mariachi NU spring variety show.
  • Members of Mariachi NU accompany Ballet Folklórico Mexicano de Northwestern: Ritmo de mis Ancestors.
  • Members of Mariachi NU, Ennely Medina and Ethan Roubenoff, from left to right, sing together during the performance of "Hermoso Cariño."
  • Mariachi NU member Jennifer Delgado smiles just before singing.
  • Mariela Pérez, member of Mariachi NU, smiles as she sings.
  • Mariachi NU alum Daniel Flores smiles at Shaleahk Wilson, current Mariachi NU member, as he plays his trumpet solo.

Photos by Karli Goldenberg / North by Northwestern

The crowd clapped and called out, “¡Otra!¡Otra!¡Otra!¡Otra!”, asking Mariachi Northwestern for an encore song following their sixth annual spring variety show. The normally quiet halls of the 2122 Performance Hall boomed with the sound of violins, guitarrón, vihuela, trumpet and voice. Papel picado and a banner that Mariachi Northwestern made decorated the space behind the performers.

“All of these arts combined together, que bonito es ver cómo el talento, y no sólo talento, pero talento mexicano, cuando podemos combinar la música y la danza,” Angelica Miranda, a member of Mariachi NU said during the performance. (It is so beautiful to see the talent, and not only talent, but Mexican talent, when we can combine music and dance).

During the variety show, Mariachi Northwestern joined with Mariachi Northwestern alumni and Ballet Folklórico Mexicano de Northwestern: Ritmo de Mis Ancestros, a student group dedicated to the beauty and history of traditional Mexican song and dance, according to their Facebook page. Even the audience played a part in the performance. Mariachi Northwestern encouraged members of the audience to join in, and the crowd did not disappoint, as they sang, clapped and laughed along with the performers. 


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