North by Northwestern's Winter 2015 Magazine
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    In Case You Missed It by Maddie Coe
    Laborious Rats by Annie Boniface
    Lord of the Rink by Natalie Escobar
    Foster Walkers by Celena Chong
    Eat Your Greens by Madeleine Kenyon
    Brewing Bad by Miranda Cawley
    Pass the Porch by Danielle Elliot
    Where Are You Living? by Malloy Moseley
    Game of Moans by Kelly Gonsalves
    Baby's First Gay Bar by Harrison Simons
    Mindfulness Over Matter by Madison Rossi
    Spotlight: Ties That Bind
    The Device Divide by Malloy Moseley
    Plot-Lines by Clayton Gentry
    NU Phone Home by Mira Wang
    Seeking Faith by Rosalie Chan
    In for the Long Haul by Shannon Lane
    Putt-ing Up With the Cold by Ben Zimmerman
    Tree of (Battery) Life by Preetisha Sen
    Rested and Recharged by Sarah Ehlen
    Revving Up the Garage by Nicholas Hagar
    Changing Composition by Katherine Mirani
    The Grade Escape by Anne Li
    IX in Flux by Rachel Fobar
    Bagology 101 by North by Northwestern Photo Staff
    Uber Tales, Uber Fails by Elizabeth Santoro

    Managing Editor | Lucy Wang
    Creative Director | Alex Lordahl
    Photo Director | Alexis O’Connor
    Art Director | Michael Nowakowski
    Senior Section Editors | Jasper Scherer and Carter Sherman
    Associate Section Editors | Clayton Gentry and Teresa Balistreri
    Senior Feature Editors | Kevin Kryah and Zachary Woznak
    Assistant Editor | Abigail Kutlas
    Senior Design Editors | Lucas Matney and Vasiliki Valkanas
    Designers | Carolyn Betts, Hanna Bolaños and Andrew Simpson
    Assistant Photo Director | Natalie Escobar
    Photographers | Ryan Alva, Jack Birdsall, Alex Furuya, Jeremy Gaines, 
    Sean Magner, Thomas Molash, Rae Pennington and Liz Steelman
    Illustrator | Vasiliki Valkanas
    Digital Product Manager | Mallory Busch
    Digital Producers | Aditi Bhandari and Ashley Wu
    Contributing writers | Annie Boniface, Andy Brown, Miranda Cawley, Rosalie Chan, Celena Chong, Maddie Coe, Tyler Daswick, Sarah Ehlen, Danielle Elliot, Natalie Escobar, Rachel Fobar, Nick Gabarty, Kelly Gonsalves, Nicholas Hagar, Madeleine Kenyon, Shannon Lane, Caroline Levy, Anne Li, Katherine Mirani, Malloy Moseley, Sofia Rada, Madison Rossi, Elizabeth Santoro, Preetisha Sen, Harrison Simons, Mira Wang, Ben Zimmerman


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