Four Fast Facts about Cindy Crawford, Halle Berry

    NUDM got a visit from original supermodel Cindy Crawford and Oscar-winner Halle Berry. Learn a little about these famous ladies:

    1. Halle Berry adopted the cat used on the set of Catwoman to help train Berry as a feline. His name is Play-Doh and changed the actress’ firm stance as a dog person: “I had dogs my whole life. And in making this movie, I learned to really respect and love cats from the research and work I did with them.” (Go, ‘Cats.) 
    2. Berry has done six movies with Hugh Jackman, including four “X-men” movies. 
    3. Cindy Crawford attended one quarter at Northwestern after receiving a scholarship to study chemical engineering. She dropped out to pursue modeling full-time. 
    4. So much for Lorde; Crawford has some royalty in her blood. She is descended from Charlemagne, as well as English nobility.


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