Five Fast Facts on DM's sportscasters
    On the heels of Northwestern's announcement that Medill alumni and Board of Trustees members Christine Brennan and Mike Wilbon would teach graduate classes downtown, Brennan, fellow Medil alum Rachel Nichols and some of the nation's best sportscasters came together to wish dancers good luck in the tent.
    1. Jim Nantz owns a winery that produces the label "The Calling:""This was an opportunity to try to take something that I taught myself a level of expertise and then could apply that passion and energy into something that could become a company that stays into my family for generations to come.”
    2. Phil Simms was dubbed “Prince Valiant” by his Giants teammates during his rookie season in 1979. He didn’t want to be drafted by New York, but, hey, sometimes you have to settle for winning a Super Bowl with your “safety” team.
    3. Medill alum Rich Eisen has been competing in the 40-meter dash along with NFL hopefuls at the Scouting Combine since 2005. His fastest time was in 2014, when he ran it in 5.98.
    4. Pam Oliver hates Twitter. She only recently got an account but barely ever uses it, she told the audience at last month’s “Beyond the Box Score,” hosted by Medill. 
    5. Fellow NU alum Cassidy Hubbart is a Chicago native and grew up loving the Bulls. Though she says it was “easy to fall in love” with Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, her favorite player was Ron Harper.


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