DM 2018: Five Fast Facts about Brussels.Sprout and Pickles the Pig

    Brussels.Sprout and Pickles the Pig addressed the dancers during Block 4. Here are five facts on the Instagram-famous animals.

    1. Pickles has more than 41,000 followers on Instagram, and Sprout has almost 90,000. Check out their adorable pictures here for Pickles and here for Sprout.

    2. Sprout is not actually from Brussels, though he’s a Brussels Griffon. He actually lives in New York. Maybe Sprout's the real Gossip Girl?

    3. Pickles has a book coming out in October, How Tickles Saved Pickles.Reserve your copy to find out the true story of Pickles meeting its best friend, Tickles.

    4. There is another, less-famous dog named Sprout the Brussels on Instagram. Check out his account.

    5. Sprout did a calendar shoot. It's for charity, to go toward animal rescue organizations.


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