Everything you missed during the Super Bowl

    The Super Bowl, that annual holiday where a third of the country stops what they’re doing, gets mildly drunk and watches gargantuan grown men bash their heads together to decide who gets to drink Budweisers and meet the president. But contrary to American belief, the world does not stop at 5:30 p.m. on the first Sunday of February. Here’s all the news you missed while you were watching (or doing homework):

    Chipotle Closed

    Not permanently. Chipotle closed all 2010 of their locations Sunday night and didn’t open up again until 3 p.m. Monday, four hours past the usual time. After E. Coli and norovirous – also called “winter vomiting bug” in the UK – in their food infected customers last year, Chipotle held a company-wide meeting to go over food safety. According to the USA Today report, about 50,000 employees gathered in hotels to hear broadcast remarks from Chipotle executives. Customers were invited to listen on Twitter and Periscope, but some weren’t pleased:

    Still, Chipotle found a way to make it up:

    North Korea celebrates with fireworks

    Hours after the Broncos wrapped up their third championship, North Korean officials commissioned a fireworks display over the capital Pyongyang. They cared less about Peyton Manning, though, than their rocket program. The display celebrated Saturday’s successful satellite launch that drew international condemnation and an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security council. The satellite passed directly over the stadium during the Super Bowl.

    Bill Clinton calls Sanders’ supporters sexist

    In a New Hampshire speech that made headlines Sunday evening, Bill Clinton mocked Sanders’s political revolution and said his supporters’ criticisms of Hilary Clinton were sexist, according to the New York Times

    “When you’re making a revolution you can’t be too careful with the facts,” Clinton said. 

    Clinton went on to say Sanders was hypocritical and dishonest, calling the incident last year in which a Sanders staffer obtained Clinton voter records “grand theft.” He criticized him for appearing at Democratic lobbyist meetings, despite his purist image, and for taking personal attacks at Hillary Clinton.

    Eight-year-old girl saved from collapsed building

    Rescue workers in Taiwan saved four people, including an eight year old girl, from a high-rise that toppled during Friday's a 6.4 magnitude earthquake. At least 38 people died after the original shock. Over 100 remain buried beneath the building debris.

    Marshawn Lynch retired

He was only there so he wouldn’t get fined, and now he’s gone. During the Super Bowl, Lynch tweeted a picture of hanging cleats, an apparent reference to the phrase “hanging up the cleats,” a euphemism for retirement.

    Earlier in the day, Adam Schefter reported that Lynch was telling friends he planned to retire. The 29-year-old running back, who earned national attention as the offensive catalyst behind the Seahawks’ three consecutive super bowl appearances and for his often comical antipathy towards the media, missed nine games this season with injury. He finishes his career with over 9,000 yards rushing and 74 touchdowns.

    Haiti lost their president

    Haitian President Michel Martelly stepped down Sunday night, leaving the country leaderless. Accusations of electoral fraud and occasionally violent protests over the last four months forced Haiti to postpone runoff elections for the new leader. The Haitian legislature will now vote on an interim president. He will control the most impoverished nation in the Americas until popular elections take place in the spring. Elections are tentatively scheduled for April 24, with the winner stepping into office on May 14.

    Beyonce turned a halftime into a political performance

This happened during the Super Bowl, but amid the fireworks and Coldplay's rainbows, many probably missed the racial justice rhetoric in the pop-star’s halftime performance. You can read about it here, here and here. Beyonce released the music video for "Formation," which she performed at halftime, the day before the Super Bowl. More direct than her performance on Sunday, the video featured a scene in which a hooded black boy dances before a line policemen in riot gear. The line “stop shooting us,” is written in black ink on a fence to the side. At the halftime show, Beyonce’s dancers came out in black berets, an apparent reference to the Black Panther Party, and afterwards they held up a sign “Justice for Mario Woods,” the 26-year-old Black San Francisco man who was shot and killed by five police officers in December. Police maintain the shooting was justified as Woods lunged at them with a knife, although video evidence appears to show the man standing in place when he was shot.

    Although Beyonce’s performance won the endorsement of Black Lives Matter activists, others have called the video and performance “anti-police” and demanded a boycott of Beyonce.


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