DM 2016: Sex or shower in review

    Throughout Dance Marathon, our intrepid NBN reporters posed an important question to scores of tired, sweaty dancers: in this moment, would you rather have sex or take a shower? The results, for the most part, did not deviate from what you might expect. But during some blocks, things got ... weird. Scroll down for our highly scientific*, meticulously gathered, rigorously cross-checked analysis of block-by-block sex or shower data.

    As the night wore on and the sweat cloud got bigger and bigger, the boys' sex drive remained mostly consistent, peaking in Block 5, with 22 excited respondents answering with "sex." The girls started the night with an almost unprecedently high "sex" count, but that quickly regressed to what we assume to be the mean ... until Block 7, when their "sex" counts aligned very closely, and then in the case of Block 9, exactly with those of the boys. There is one safe assumption for these strange increases in female sex drive: Justin Bieber's Purpose Tour starts next week.


    Weirdly enough, more guys desired the warm embrace of a shower in Block 1 than girls did. But in general, guys showed a marked negligience in terms of their personal hygiene with each passing block. As you might expect from any rational human being stuck in a sweaty tent, other than the strange, outlying girls' sex impulses of Blocks 7 and 9, their focus on their cleanliness gradually increased, reaching a breaking point in Block 10, with 23 girls electing to say "shower." Our explanation for this? The sweat cloud, which is absolutely a real thing. 

    Production by Matthew Zhang / North by Northwestern

    *This is not scientific by any measure, and would not stand up under high school statistics class standards.


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