America's pastime up close and personal

    Continuing on our past efforts to make you feel like a fencer, tennis player (twice!) and swimmer, NBN Sports brings you the latest in our series in which we strap a GoPro to a campus athlete and let them do their thing. This time, we put the camera on a couple of baseball players.


    When we strapped a GoPro camera to senior first baseman Mike Trucco's hat in warmups at practice last week, we had no idea we who were dealing with. Sit back, relax and enjoy a game of catch between Trucco, the "Bob Costas of [GoPro narration]," and junior first baseman Zach Jones.

    Infield drills

    Trucco and Jones platooned at first base during infield drills, where Trucco taught us about the similarities between baseball and scooping ice cream. 

    Batting practice

    Sophomore outfielder Matt Hopfner strapped on the GoPro with some help from his coach, Paul Stevens, and took some powerful swings.  


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