DM 2018: Here's what else you could do in the 30 hours of Dance Marathon
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    Dance Marathon is one of the most extreme endurance challenges a Northwestern student can go through, aside from struggling cross-campus through the snow or completing a group project. It’s 30 hours. 1,800 minutes. 108,000 precious seconds.

    But if you decided not to dance this weekend and are super bored, what can you do to compete with your friends’ crazy Instagram posts? We present a few options for spending 30 hours outside of a tent.

    1. Attend 22.5 lectures of Russian Lit. Slightly longer than a quarter, so this challenge is for extra credit and/or Wildcats whose wild break trip got cancelled.

    2. Cross Sheridan Road at the Arch (once the walk sign is on to cross) 3,600 times. The meme-worthy traffic signal allows about 30 seconds to cross. Saunter. Stroll. Live your best life, 3,600 times in a row.

    3. Sing the Northwestern fight song 1,800 times. Go U Northwestern, but sped up until none of the words mean anything. Try the trap version for extra spice.

    4. Wait in line for Plex pasta once. Aka, the equivalent of getting halfway through the line for stir fry.

    5. Take 10 Intro to Painting classes. Hopefully you’ll be properly introduced to painting by the end of it.

    6. Endure a single day of Wildcat Welcome. Yes, days usually take 24 hours. But if you’ve ever made it through the gauntlet of TNDs, PA group meals and class registration, you know a Wildcat Welcome day deserves a few extra DM Blocks.

    7. Swim across Lake Michigan once and give up in the middle. In 1961, Ted Eriksen swam from Chicago to Michigan City, Indiana in 36.5 hours. Disclaimer: North by Northwestern does not endorse unexperienced swimming across Lake Michigan due to the risk of death or getting super-wrinkled fingertips.

    8. Ride the Purple Line back and forth from Davis to Howard 300 times. One trip takes 6 minutes. That means you can make 10 trips in an hour, and 300 trips in 30 hours. Like your PA said, visit Chicago! It’s worth it.

    9. Volunteer for Cradles to Crayons for 15 shifts. You’ve danced the dance; now it’s time to walk the walk. Cradles to Crayons can always use extra help.

    Are you ambitious? Pick four of these options and join the 120-hour club. Volunteer for Cradles to Crayons for 120 hours! For the kids!


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