Being single on Valentine’s Day

    It’s that time of year again. Heart-shaped chocolates and pink teddy bears dot the aisles of almost every store you walk into, and romantic background music is at an all-time high. While Valentine’s Day highlights relationships and love around the nation, over half of American adults will be spending February 14 without a significant other. Since the 1970s, the rate of single Americans over the age of 16 has risen from 37 percent to over 50 percent. Some people are all too familiar with being single on Valentine’s Day, and others are spending their first V-Day without a partner. Trust me, we know it can be upsetting to see the public displays of affection around this time of year, but being single on Valentine’s day is NOT a sentence to sadness! For all you singles out there, here are some ways to make sure you have the best possible V-Day.

    It’s Galentine’s Day!

    This Valentine’s Day season, there are so many activities that you can do that promote platonic love. Bring out your inner Leslie Knope, get a few gals together and make a killer Galentine’s Day! Or, even gather some pals for PALentine’s day. What better way to spend this holiday than ordering in some pizza, eating chocolate, doing some karaoke and making cards with your best friends? Galentine’s Day is becoming a yearly occurrence for so many women, and for good reason. Any sort of Galentine’s/Palentine’s Day festivities will make it so you can’t help but to feel the love.

    Treat yo self

    To bring up Parks and Recreation again, "treat yo self" this Valentine’s day. Self-love is the best kind of love, trust me. Go out and get a massage, take a nice walk around Evanston, get a mani/pedi, sweat it out at SPAC, go get a nice latte or try something new. Show yourself and the world that you are PROUD to be you and to spend time with yourself. My mom always says, "You should be your own best friend." Focus on the love you already have within you.

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    Random acts of kindness

    Use the warmth inside of you to share positivity and love with other people. Make some cards for your friends and family, or give a rose to a complete stranger! Reaching out to your family will remind you just how loved you are, and making someone’s day can help make your day, too!

    Get those deals

    The day after Valentine’s can be something to look forward to as well. You can buy half-priced candy at CVS and have a second day of fun! Treat this Valentine’s Day as a day to do something different than you normally do. It’s a day for you to celebrate loving and being you!

    We hope you keep these ideas that relate to self-love, self-care and the value of friendship in mind this Valentine’s Day season. Relationship or not, it is so important to remember that you shouldn’t be defined by your tie to another person! One of my best friends once told me that a significant other is like a dessert: Your life has to be like a healthy, delicious, full and colorful meal. Once you’re done with your main course, then there’s always room for dessert, but that’s secondary. When you’re single, it’s so easy to believe that a significant other will make your life better, but it is so important to be secure with your life and your choices before you come to those conclusions. Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at NBN to you!


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